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Scuba diving with bottlenose dolphins in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

Scuba diving with a large green moray eel in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

Diving the reef in beautiful St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

Underwater Explorer – Drew Richardson – PADI Explorer Series

Watch one of our instructors, Buzz Conover, doing some local Tucson diving -in the Biosphere 2 Ocean!

Scuba Diving Video: Pumpkin Carving On The Sea Floor with Planet Scuba in Tucson, AZ

KEY LARGO, Fla. (CNN) – With Halloween just days away, a Florida resort hosted an unusual pumpkin-carving contest.

Some 30 people dived 30 feet to the sea floor in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary with knives to carve the gourds.

This was no easy task.

Pumpkins are naturally buoyant, and the divers had to find a way to keep them from floating away as they carved them.

Jana Vandelaar was named the winner, with a jack-o’-lantern sporting a grin and a retainer. Watch them in this exciting scuba diving video!