Advanced and Continuing Education Tucson SCUBA Classes

Take your diving to the next level with Advanced Certifications and Specialty Courses, pursue areas of knowledge and underwater skills more thoroughly, open doors to diving in new and different places, expand your horizons, and become a safer, more confident visitor to the underwater world.  Open Water is just the beginning!

Chris, Ellie and Buzz night diving

Instructors Ellie Wisely and Buzz Conover, and Planet Scuba Owner / Instructor Chris Goodwill returning from a night dive.

Have you ever wanted to look for sunken treasure on a Spanish shipwreck?  Would you like to stay warm and dry while scuba diving in the wintertime?  Ever wonder what that sea lion is thinking or how to tell what kind of fish you just saw?  Would you like to see what creatures come out at night or watch a sleeping parrotfish make itself a cocoon?  Perhaps you’re wondering how it feels to look up to the surface from 100 feet below or maybe you’re looking for tips and tricks on how to get that perfect underwater picture.  No matter where your next adventure will take you, the Pro Staff at Planet Scuba will help you reach your Tucson SCUBA class goals.

Open Water Divers and those with higher certifications are eligible to take the following courses:

Tucson SCUBA Class – PADI Advanced Open Water Certification

– a taster of 5 specialty dives including Deep and Navigation, can be completed in one classroom session and a weekend.

Tucson SCUBA Class – PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy

-one classroom session and two open water dives

Tucson SCUBA Class – PADI AWARE Coral Reef Conservation

-one classroom session

Tucson SCUBA Class – PADI Drift Diver

-one classroom session and two drift dives

Tucson SCUBA Class – PADI Enriched Air / Nitrox

-one classroom session

Tucson SCUBA Class – PADI AWARE Fish ID

-one classroom session and two dives

Tucson SCUBA Class – PADI Kayak Diver

-two kayak dives (We’re the only shop in Tucson to offer this course!)

Tucson SCUBA Class – PADI Underwater Naturalist

-one classroom session and two naturalist dives

Tucson SCUBA Class – PADI Navigation

-one classroom session and three navigation dives

Tucson SCUBA Class – PADI Night Diver

-one classroom session and three night dives

Tucson SCUBA Class – Sea Signs

-one classroom session in underwater communication

Tucson SCUBA Class – PADI Underwater Videography

-one classroom session and two videography dives


Advanced Open Water Divers and those with higher certifications are eligible to take the following courses:

Tucson SCUBA Class – PADI Deep Diver

-one classroom session and four deep dives

Tucson SCUBA Class – PADI Rescue Diver

-one classroom session, one pool session, and four rescue training dives

Tucson SCUBA Class – PADI Wreck Diver

-one pool session and four wreck dives. The final dive is an optional wreck penetration dive.


Our Rescue Courses require CPR, First Aid, and Oxygen Provider certifications before the end of the Rescue Course.  We have the following course available to meet these requirements:


PADI Emergency First Responder

-CPR and First Aid

DAN Oxygen Provider

-a good choice for those who already hold current CPR and First Aid certifications


The highest non-professional Scuba rating is Master Diver.  Five qualifying Specialty certifications* including Rescue certification and a minimum of 50 logged dives are required to earn this card.

* to qualify for Master Diver, the five specialty ratings must all be of the same agency that you intend to apply for Master Diver with.

If you are interested in becoming a dive professional, please click here