I believe Julio sent you pictures, so I would like to send you a little feedback about the Bonaire trip. I just wanted you to know I have never had a more relaxing vacation!!!! The only decision I had to make was what swim suit to wear!! I loved everything about the trip. Joe Busch was AMAZING! We would meet at breakfast (which was very nice, by the way) and my one question would be answered without hesitation, “Where are we going today, Joe?” Then, off we went for a wonderful day! The diving was beautiful. I don’t think I have ever seen so many fish, and of course Joe knew the name of every one of them. It was absolutely PERFECT!!!!

Julio and I both sincerely thank you and all of your staff (Chris and John were great fun and knowledgeable also) for the great vacation at a most amazing price!

We are looking forward to our next diving adventure….San Carlos in May.

Again, thank you!!!! C

Octavio & Anne,
We just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful dive experience. I can’t say enough how patient you were with us. I really had a hard time with my ears, and Anne was so good and patient waiting for me. I just had to hang out on the rope longer than everyone else. We had a good time, and the more dives we did the easier it got. I am glad I got to experience a night dive. I was nervous at first, afraid I would get separated, but we all stayed together. I liked the shore dive, it was much easier on my ears. We really enjoyed our group, it was nice to meet new diver’s , It was a great group of people. The boat crew was outstanding, and really spoiled us. The condo was phe It was a real pleasure diving with you. I will share my pictures with all of you, I hope the video’s came out, it was my first time with an underwater camera. My battery went dead on the first dive at the island, so I missed a lot of good footage there.

Thanks So Much for your skills & patience.

Louie & Karen & Louis Bock.

P.S. We can’t wait to go again.

Wow, what a great trip, thanks to all the staff and crew for providing such a wonderful experience, warm water, lots of seals and eels, great food and an easy hassle free drive down!”

-Jack Dodson, Oct 2012

My experience with Planet Scuba has been great! The staff were all about me obtaining my certification. They made me feel comfortable with the equipment and the new environment.

Joe was great at explaining what tasks needed to be accomplished, reminding us to breathe normally, and have fun. Dawnya was especially helpful in my quest to conquer the open water. She spent the extra time to help me reach my goals. She was persistent and encouraged me to keep going. She is an asset to diving.

I am looking forward to lots of diving trips in the future.

Thanks again.

-Barbara Patterson

August 19th, 2012 From Louis Benson

Had a great trip to San Carlos. Water was warm and great vis. Sea lions were playful. Great rooms and the boat was good. Nice to go on boat wear your not packed in like cattle. Thanks planet scuba one of the best trips we have had

Had a wonderful time in this past week’s SSI Open Water Diver course. I am thankful for the caring instruction and confident that I have been given good tools to use next month in San Carlos! Your entire team is amazing!

Erin Bjornson

Thank you Daniel! It was great to have you along with us.

At first I wondered exactly what your role as Dive Con. was on the trip, and thought ‘I wonder why we need this extra guy along with us if we are going with a dive shop from Lake Mohave? I’ve got enough dives under my belt and I’ve never needed a Dive Controller before.’ But as it turned out it was so helpful to have you diving with us. I would have been very uncomfortable diving in such a different environment without a skilled, experienced person to dive with. Lake Mohave presented some significant challenges which I didn’t expect having only dove in warm, tropical water with clear visibility and very easy to follow terrain. I am fairly sure if you hadn’t been there I would not dove Saturday or Sunday morning. I would not have been comfortable without being with Steve or Jeff and I don’t think I would have been able to tag along with the students during their tests, so I would have chosen to sit out the weekend until the certification process was over. The opportunity to dive with you was very valuable. You were quite good at leading by example and although you were not there as a dive instructor along the way you gave me many good tips and taught me quite a few things, and assisted me in gaining a new confidence in this unique dive environment.

Thanks again!


FYI, if anyone is looking to get scuba certified, I HIGHLY recommend PlanetScuba Tucson. These folks are good people, and a lot of fun.

Erich Kron, certified in Lake Mohave Sept 2011

I want to thank you for your warm welcome & hospitality. When I’m away from home without Sally, it is solitario and every kindness becomes mui importante. Chris, Danya & Josh, you’ve treated me like familia. My thanks are a modest recognition of the amistad you showed me. Besos y abrazos por ustedes.

Su amigo, Denny