About Us – Planet Scuba

Vision Statement

It is the vision of Planet Scuba that you will:

  • Have a positive experience with us every time we interact;
  • Consider us to be your source of water sports, education, equipment, and travel;
  • Share your experience with your family and friends; and
  • Refer them to us when they need our services.

To those ends we make the following promise:

Mission Statement

Our mission is to safely facilitate your growth and well-being as members of the water sports community. We will provide you with:

  • The highest quality education in a professional atmosphere through classroom, pool and open water Tucson SCUBA exercises.
  • The highest quality Tucson SCUBA equipment. Our knowledgeable staff will not sell, rent or service a piece of equipment that we determine to be unsafe or unserviceable.
  • New and exciting opportunities to explore 75% of the planet.

Our goal is to completely serve recreational, professional, and technical Tucson SCUBA and water sports enthusiasts with respect and integrity.

-Chris Goodwill, Mike Makoid and the whole Planet Scuba Team